Commercial Locksmith

Looking for a reliable commercial locksmith in San Francisco? Zippy Locksmith provides quick, professional, and trustworthy services.

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Commercial Locksmith

Looking for a reliable commercial locksmith in San Francisco? Zippy Locksmith provides quick, professional, and trustworthy services.

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Exceptional Commercial Locksmith Services in San Francisco

At Zippy Locksmith in San Francisco, we understand the importance of maintaining a secure business environment. Our top-rated commercial locksmith services are designed to bring you peace of mind and guarantee the safety of your premises. As experts in the industry, we deliver high-quality, prompt, and efficient services that cater to all your locksmith needs. Contact our experts to deal with all your lock and key issues!


Comprehensive Locksmith Solutions in San Francisco

We provide a diverse range of commercial locksmith services, meeting your unique requirements in San Francisco, California. From high-security lock installation, master key systems, to emergency lockouts, our expertise is unmatchable.

  • Key Duplication
  • Access Control Systems
  • Emergency Lockout Services
  • High-Security Lock Installation
  • Master Key Systems

Commercial Locksmith Services

Our Customer's Reviews
Emily Smith
6 review
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Zippy Locksmith saved the day! Got locked out of my apartment and they arrived in no time. Super professional and affordable, I highly recommend them!
Jessica Anderson
4 reviews
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Had a great experience with Zippy Locksmith. They were prompt, efficient, and very courteous. Their service is top-notch and won't disappoint.
Sarah Williams
10 review
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These guys are lifesavers! Lost my keys at a Giants game, they came out to help right away. Fast, reliable, and they won't break the bank - totally a 5-star service.
Olivia Miller
8 reviews
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Zippy Locksmith was an absolute joy to work with. They rekeyed my house fast and made it feel so easy. A true local gem in San Francisco!
Rachel Davis
13 reviews
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Cannot praise Zippy Locksmith enough. They are speedy, dependable, and all-round professional. Excellent service every time!

Pioneering Key Duplication Services

Our key duplication service stands out for its precision and speed. Our professional locksmiths employ advanced tools and techniques to create accurate copies of your keys. Whether it’s for your office, storage room, or any other business-related lock, we’ve got you covered. Never worry about lost keys again; with our duplicate keys in hand, your business operations can proceed without a hitch. Maintaining an extra set of keys is always a wise decision, enhancing convenience and reducing the likelihood of stressful lockout scenarios. Hire us now to duplicate your keys.

Why Choose Zippy Locksmith?


Over 20 years of experience 


Committed to providing 100% satisfaction


The staff is highly skilled and reliable


Available  throughout the entire process


professional support throughout


Affordability that won't empty your pockets

Advanced Access Control Systems

Access control systems are a crucial part of today’s business security infrastructure. These systems allow you to manage and control who enters your premises, ensuring optimal security. Our team is skilled in installing state-of-the-art access control systems, designed to provide enhanced control over your property. From card readers to biometric systems, we offer solutions that best fit your security needs. Boost your business’s security with our top-notch access control systems, and let us help you create a safer work environment.

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Swift Emergency Lockout Solutions

Facing a lockout situation can be quite disruptive for your business. Our locksmiths are dedicated to providing swift emergency lockout services to get you back on track. We understand the urgency of these situations and respond promptly to ensure minimal disruption to your operations. Our team is equipped with the necessary tools to unlock doors quickly, securely, and without causing any damage. In the event of a lockout, you can rely on our professional service for a swift resolution.

High-Security Lock Installation Expertise

In today’s world, high-security locks are not a luxury but a necessity for businesses. Our locksmiths specialize in installing high-security locks that deter break-ins and offer increased protection. From deadbolts to electronic locks, we provide a broad range of high-security lock options to suit your specific needs. Investing in high-quality locks can significantly increase your business’s security, making it a safe place for your employees and assets. Let our team help protect your business with our expertise in high-security lock installation.

Unmatched Master Key System Setup

At Zippy Locksmith, we understand the need for efficient access management in large businesses and properties. That’s why we offer master key system setup services. A master key system enables a single key to open all locks while other keys open specific ones. This service can streamline access within your business, making it easier for you to manage and control. Our experienced locksmiths can design a system tailored to your business, ensuring the security and accessibility of your premises.

Commercial Locksmith : FAQs

What services does Zippy Locksmith offer as a commercial locksmith expert company?

As a commercial locksmith expert, we offer a variety of services including high-security lock installation, key duplication, master key systems creation, access control systems installation, and emergency lockout services.

Do you provide emergency commercial locksmith services in San Francisco?

Yes, we provide emergency lockout services for businesses California. We are committed to delivering quick and efficient service to ensure your business operations aren’t disrupted.

What is a master key system, and do you set these up?

 A master key system allows a single key (the master key) to open multiple locks, while other keys can only open specific locks. We do set up these systems, providing an efficient solution for large businesses or properties.

How do you ensure the quality of their commercial locksmith services?

We guarantee quality by employing certified and experienced locksmiths, using top-tier locksmith tools and technologies, and providing regular training to our team to stay updated with the latest security trends.

Can you help with access control systems?

 Absolutely, we specialize in installing and maintaining access control systems. These systems allow businesses to control who can access certain areas of their premises, enhancing security levels.

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